The Ocean Links Golf Course Opens

The Ocean Links Golf Course was advertised as being one of the largest golf complexes in the country. Not only would they have four full golf courses and a driving range, but they would also include restaurants, arcade, go-karts, and a casino. It was promoted as the golf complex that had it all for your entertainment.

Golfers could enjoy a relaxing game on one of their four courses that each offered its own distinct challenges. If they wanted to test their driving power, then they could take a trip to the driving range. For the golfers who are family men, they can bring their family to enjoy one of the other activities offered at the Ocean Links Golf Course.

As seen here, the new Ocean Links Golf Course website has a full description of everything included at the gigantic complex. There is a breakdown of each hole on all four courses. It includes pictures of the driving range from all angles. There is a full menu listed for every restaurant at the food center. Visitors like the employees of and are claimed to be able to enjoy their meal inside or outside pending their preference.

The site also includes pictures of the arcade and a list of all the games available for everyone to play. All age groups are welcomed to spend an afternoon playing games during a rainy afternoon. For a sunnier afternoon, the go-karts are a thrill for the kids to enjoy. The go-karts have an age limit of 13 and they are more geared towards the youngsters to enjoy when their parents are enjoying a game of golf. Finally, the last inclusion is the casino and this is where the adults can have more fun at the Ocean Links Golf Course when the weather is nasty.